Entire Contents Of Mac Badge And Signs CC (In Liquidation) – Maitland

Entire Contents Of Mac Badge And Signs CC (In Liquidation) - Maitland

10% Buyer's Commission Excluding VAT
VAT Applicable: Yes

Entire Contents Of Signage And Badge Manufacturing Plant 

Multicam 3000 Series CNC Router with Control Computer and Software

Biemmepi Compact Mechanical Engraving Machine FP 23 600 Watt

Versa Studio BN-20 Desktop Printer Cutter

1999 Standard Milling Machine Model 3VM

600 SA T2000 Metal lathe

Winner 200Ton Hydraulic Press – Franz Berrenberg 400Ton Friction Press Birn 100Ton Friction Press

Smeral Tmava Type Len 25C 25Ton Press Complete Anodising Plant

Complete Electroplating Plant

Assorted Welding Machines

Various Power Shearers and Hydraulic Guillotines

Michelin Engraving Cutter/Grinders,

Way Train Metal Cutting Band Saw

Rotar 3-Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machine

2000 Wuhan Jim Dandy Inclinable Presses

Jet Thickness Plane

Other Small Tools and Equipment

6m Shipping Container

12m Shipping  Container

R20,000.00 refundable registration deposit payable by bank cheque or EFT only, full payment immediately after the auction by bank cheque or EFT only.

Further terms and conditions apply.

FICA requirements apply to every sale, bring Copy of ID and Proof of Residence (not older than three months).

No sale will be concluded without meeting FICA requirements.

No assets will be removed until full payment has been made.

Auction deposits will only be refunded to purchasers once all conditions have been satisfied

Monday September 28
From: 10:00 am
To: 2:00 pm